Online Order & Loyalty

Get the first of its kind online order and loyalty program app work for you. By inculcating loyalty points with online ordering with loyalty points we provided WOM the top postion among all other apps. This combination of loyalty and convenience will definitely add to your business revenue.

A Customer Centric App that Works for Your Business

WOM is the first of it's kind mobile application that provide customers the leverage to order online and earn loyalty points at the same time along with enabling businesses to engage thier customers by providing them perks to return to them, thus not only creating loyalty but a constant revenue stream.

  • Widen Customer Base

    Widen your customer base by allowing them to share and spread the love of your business through social media and word of mouth.

  • Track Customer Behavior

    Keep a track of your customer's behavior through the WOM dashboard that provides you every insight to encourage them to visit you even more.

  • Manage Customer Relationship

    Manage your customer realtionship by offering them reasons to return to you. Loyalty points gained from WOM will make that much easier for you to do.


Hotspot Deals

Leave your competition behind by creating & offering hotspot deals to your customers. A mix of items in the hotspot deal will help you attain maximum visibility among WOM users and generate maximum revenue for your business.

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New Customer Acquisition

Allow your customer base to grow by showcasing your business on the business listings on WOM. the more people view your business the more people will pursue it.

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Insights & Analytics

Gain control over your customer engagements. Through real time analytics, WOM enables businesses to check the frequency and loyalty trends of customers along with their buying behavior. This feature provides business owners valuable insights that can be used to device winning business strategies.

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Share wherever you want

Generate maximum buzz for your business as your customers share your offerings and talk about you on all the famous social media channels.

Word of Mouth

You increase your customer base as your customers provide reviews and talk about you in their networks thus enabling word of mouth publicity and referrals to you.


Increase the reach of your business through referrals

Invite Friends

Invite friends and people you know to your business


Receive customer reviews about your business

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